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Our company is engaged in realization of art, where everyone will be able to exhibit a personal collection or purchase Antiques, decorative items or gifts, having made a profitable investment investing. The company's objective is the preservation of the timeless values that we all get. The whole collection You can see in our store, " Gifts and decor ", salon "Art decor" and the online store www.decorbuy.ru . In the catalog include a variety of Antiques and decor from different countries, styles, ages and materials, in Addition to buying, selling and shipping, we :

-Take over the implementation of the Antiques and decorative arts

-Provide practical assistance to designers in the acquisition of decorative items

-Rent interior under special conditions

-Also individually we select for our clients-collectors, collectors of Antiques, original solutions to create a unique and cozy interior

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    Russia, Zvenigorod, Komarova str., 17
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    +7 916 078-50-40
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